Your own Origin story (The epiphany bridge).

There is a ton of content on the Origin story which is essential to allowing the audience to connect you emotionally and start to BREAK DOWN their beliefs and resistance with just your first story.

This might be the second time you have seen this article. It is part of the Signature Makeover Trainer course, too . It is soooo important, I have included it here, too.

It is worth a second read if you have not seen this in a while.

Your assignment to is FIND YOUR OWN original story and rehearse it so you can say it in 60 seconds, 5 minutes, or 10 minutes.

You have to rehearse this unique story and tell this story in the first ten minutes of every lecture. You might need to craft a different origin story for each program. The origin story ties into the OFFER which you will present at the end of the lecture. OFFER includes a call to action that might not be spending money today.

Grab a pen and paper and answers these questions as you listen to Russel talk about this business, his story and his client's story.

  1. What is the backstory that gives us a vested interest in your journey ? People always as me, Bart, how I got started in handwriting. "Hmm, that's a funny story. I was riding in my car at 14 years old on the to summer camp. etc."
  2. What is it that you want to accomplish? (Not on the sales call, but what did you really want in life, before you discovered this amazing solution, product, think, which you will tell them about later and invite them to purchase.)
  3. What was the external struggle you were dealing with ?
  4. What was the internal struggle you were dealing with?
  5. What was the wall or problem you hit within your current opportunity that started this new journey? The WALL could have been you didn't have the money, you didn't have the confidence, your family criticized you, your were stuck in a dead-end job that was unfulfilling, but you you needed the money so you were stuck.
  6. What was the epiphany you experienced and was the new opportunity you discovered? (If you are enrolled into this course, the current opportunity is Becoming A Certified Handwriting Expert and Becoming An Authorized Mentor so you can change lives, make difference, and earn money from home.) Think about HOW YOUR LIFE CHANGED, when you decided to take this journey and completed the journey from total newbie, to student, to certified handwriting expert, and now teaching hundreds around the world every week. What LIGHTBULB went off in your head just before you signed up for this journey and before you made the investment. *You don't tell them the epiphany directly, you tell your story and allow them to DISCOVER that epiphany on their own. Then, it is their idea and you are attracting them instead of "selling them".

LIsten to this. Russel Brunson, author of Expert Secrets explains it here.

Once you get the Origin story, you will start crafting 3 other key stories that are structured to melt the resistance to buy. While he teaches these in the context of a series of videos or a 90 minute WEBINAR, we are applying them to a live speech. If you can fit all 4 stories into your 90 minute presentation, when you get the the sales pitch (The stacking of value), you will have captive audience. 

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