How to Register Your New Student in the HU system. [Video]

How to Register Your New Student in the HU system. [Video]

How do you automate the enrollment process into the 101 or 201 class so that you do not have to contact our USA customer support center which wastes your time and cost our USA team valuable time. There is an online process which works directly from your computer into the Handwriting University computer database / shopping cart.

In 2018, we started providing access to the 101, 301, 401 on the teachable system and this special domain: It is no longer on the domain.If your student used to have a login to the Handwriting site, this login will not allow hm access to these new courses.

Your students only login here for the silver classes, 201, and 501

For the courses you will most likely sell or grant access to (101, 301, 401, Mentor Program, Speakers Program, Unstoppable You, and 100), they will login here (after you provide them their own password).The process to get a password is described in the video below.

If you want to give instant access to your student the same moment you place your wholesale order, follow the procedure inside this video.

You must do two steps to insure your customer to be in our database properly "linked" to you as their mentor and teacher and get them instant access with a password you choose.This also being an automated sequence of emails which helps them dive into certain sections of the course and makes them feel connected to the Handwriting University through the automated email follow-up.This is another reason you must put your client’s email into the system in the correct location after placing your order.

You will NEVER show the student these pages or allow them to register themselves. You do it for them and provide them the link and password. If you want your student to make their own purchase, then you will have to build your own order pages on your site and collect their money using your own system.

This system will only take payments from the Authorized Mentors.However, in the box for SHIPPING INFORMATION, you can input the new students information and our company will ship the course directly to them from our shipping centers.

This video will show you how to enroll students into the 100% online 101/301 courses located inside the /members/ area of

You will find the pages shown in the video upon purchasing a 101 or 301 online from our special wholesale order page at:

Your special link will have a format like this with yourname in the URL address. name here)__.html

If you forgot the exact URL of this page do not search in Google, these pages are not listed as they are not designed for the public.Go here and look for your name:

If you do not have a private order page, please give our team 10-14 days from your enrollment date to complete the buildout.

So... you made a sale and you want to get your customer online access.

Good job. You can do this from your computer. Remember, you pay wholesale to Handwriting University and you collect the money directly from the student into your bank account, your paypal, or cash to you.