The 4 Question Close into the Certification or Mentor Program

Once you have built a bit of trust with the prospect, you can have them schedule a "Good Fit" call to see if they qualify to join your program.

This one hour video explains in detail how all kinds of high ticket offers are working in all industries. By the way, most USA company's define High Ticket Program as $5,000 - $100,000. So, if you are selling in India or Asia at $3500, that qualifies. However, you are still pricing a bit too low for the most benefit. Enroll them into the entire journey. The Certification Course, the Mentor Program, and the Signature Makeover Teacher's program... even the PRISM counseling program. At $10,000 investment sets the bar very high.

Then, let them know they can submit an application now for the International Certification Course and look forward to the longer journey if they really excel. Just $3500. Naturally, if you can offer them financing, they can say yes.

In order to make this two -person enrollment really powerful, you will want to pick someone up the authority food chain to help close them once they have been approved. This means that one of the Authorized Trainers reviews the application, and they or you come back to close the sale and collect payment. Bart Baggett is not going to review every application, but he will review some and set the criteria. Our trainers and international level trainers have the authority to do that.

This program rolls out in September of 2020. So, if you are reading this before the program and landing pages are fully rolled out, just reach out and ask for instructions in the mean time.

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