How to Place an Order at Wholesale Using the online system.

Ready to place an order and pay the discounted MENTOR / TRAINER wholesale rate?

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Processing Orders & Enrolling a New Students (Special Wholesale Order Page Instructions)
Here are the instructions on how to get your new student’s name and information into the international Handwriting University database and place order for new enrollments. While you might enroll and sell students basic courses such as seminars, book, or coaching… it is imperative that you enter that student’s data into our system so that THAT STUDENT is forever connected and associated with you, the TRAINER for the next decade.

If you fail to place your order or enter the student’s information properly, calculating commissions and preventing INCORRECT emails from being sent to that student will be impossible if not very difficult, time consuming, and will require extensive manual labor from our USA based staff. When this occurs, you might become frustrated or distrustful if commission or enrolled students are not credited properly toward your account. We manage over 20,000 student records in our database. Therefore, if you fail to follow this procedure… we cannot guarantee the commissions and wholesale prices will be automated and correct.

Please follow the procedures and keep your student database current.