A Deep Dive Into the Stinger. Filmed on stage in Pune, India.

If you are interested in digging into this topic further, wrote an article updating the definition that Dr. Walker taught me 30 years ago with a new and more accurate definition in an article called “I Love You Like A Slot Machine.” 


The insights I have learned really changed the way I talk about people with STINGERS and quite frankly… how much compassion I have for them now.

I no longer see it as a sign of a “damaged person” or a “woman who hates men”, as many of the other books have written about the odd shape inside the ovals. 

If you have ever dated someone with a stinger or you have stingers, this might be the most insightful lecture you have ever watched to fully understand the “pull” and “push” of what makes people attracted to even “stay” with people who are clearly not good for them.

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