Hot Seat: Suzanne Whang - Handwriting and Questions

Look at this handwriting sample from Suzanne Whang and attempt to answer the questions using everything you know.

Assignment: Answer the following Questions before you go to the next section and meet Suzanne via video and hear her answers in her own words.

1.Does she have a big ego?
2.Has she experienced success in her career? If so why?
3.Would she be a talented writer, actor, or TV host? If so why?
4.How intelligent is she?
5.Is she impatient with slow drivers and slow thinkers?
6.Was her relationship with her parents functional or dysfunctional?
7.Is she aggressive, bossy, or hostile? if so, in what context will
that be revealed?
8.Does she live for other's approval, now as an adult?
9.Was she defensive and antagonistic as a child…or now as an adult?
10.Is she independent or codependent in a relationship ?
11.Does she have good organizational abilities and does she care about details?
12.Is she a neat freak or a clutter-bug with regards to her closet, home, and a garage full of stuff?
13.Would you describe her as courageous?

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