The Hook, The Story, The Offer

The entire subtext of your presentation will be your 4 unique stories, the hook, and the offer at the end.

The demonstration of the signature analysis is a skill that thousands of people around the world could duplicate. But, nobody can steal your unique stories. That is what makes you different and why other people might analyze their signature (or already did in the past) but they didn't have a lightbulb go off and say "I've gotta learn this." Because other handwriting experts don't understand this STORY process and they don't have a COURSE to enroll them into.

Thus, they are stuck DEMONSTRATING that it works and educating the world for us... so that we can enroll them and take them on a bigger more satisfying journey.

As with any audience, they are listening because something in the TITLE attracts to to come get something from the event. For the Signature Workshop, they raised their hand and enrolled. And, if they show up, they are expressing STRONG interest in seeing the demonstration and learning more about this Signature / Handwriting Thing.

If you only demonstrate the science, you will not make an enrollment.

You have to demonstrate and tell the right stories and make the right offer to move them to invest into your programs. But, if you don't ever demonstrate the accuracy and insight ON THEIR SIGNATURE, they are left with the feeling of it might not be accurate. So, demonstrating breaks the DOUBT and convinces them this stuff is for real. Therefore, if you do not get chance to personally demonstrate, you might as well be hosting a lecture with 100 people and hope some of them will buy, despite the DOUBT.

Most speakers and teachers failed to create a thought-out original story with purpose and intent. They fail to find a really compelling hook.

And they fail to present a compelling offer in a way that creates high value and urgency.

You are not most teachers or speakers.

Watch this short video about the Hook, Story, and Offer by Click-Funnels founder Russel Bruson

How does this apply to your 90 minute lecture?

Running Time 12:58 seconds.

Feel free to use the comments below to inspire your fellow Mentors with your own unique story or hook.

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