What are Enhancements? (Audio Only)


Please listen to this short video introduction to the concept of enhancements.

You will need full comprehension of this concept before you start the Daily Journal. At the end of each day, there is a checkmark that asks "Did I track my enhancement?" So, make sure you have a few to track before day one.

Here are a few which are preprinted in your daily journal. The first page says "Daily Routines". You should use the blank lines for some enhancements you want to add to your life. These are all moving toward action items. There are no negative statements allowed. In other words, you can't use "No Sugar" as a daily routine or enhancement.

"Magic Question" simply means you read one of your magic questions out loud and thought about a few answers in your mind. You should already have a few magic questions on index cards placed around your home and office.

"Maintenance" would include: Getting your nails done, haircut, dentist, etc.

"Mission Statement" means you read your mission statement once to yourself and thought about it for at least one minute.

"Reading" means you did additional reading for a minimum of a specified period of time.

"Tidy Up" means that you spent some additional time organizing your home, desktop, computer, or house that you would not normally do yourself during the day.

"Educational/ Learning" includes listening to a non-fiction audiobook, youtube video, or attended some type of class.

"Morning Ritual" could include writing in this journal and doing something special that starts your day off right. You make up your morning ritual.

"Quality Time" refers to the concept of one of the five Love Languages which indicates you invested time into one of your primary relationships.

We recommend you fill this out at the end of each day. The quadrant chart is a simple check-in on how the day went in each of the four quadrants. The happiness gauge is to give a summary of how happy you felt that day.

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