Day 1 - Slant in Handwriting: Emotional Outlay & Social Aptitude

The main function of emotional expressiveness is how someone processes their feelings. The main clue or indicating factor is the size of the handwriting and the slant.

I’d like to invite you to listen to the video and audio on this page. Then scroll down for a short lesson complete with a few scans of the Grapho-deck cards, handwriting samples, and video segments taken directly from our lectures.

-Bart Baggett

Handwriting Samples referenced in the Audio and Video trainings:

Leftward Slant: 60 to 70% of the strokes will end up at an angle to the left of 90 degrees. People with this trait may have a hard time expressing their feelings and connecting with and trusting other people.


Right Slant: A heart-ruled person. They will be impulsive and let their emotions rule their life moreso than the emotionally withdrawn person (leftward slant).

Concentration: Very intense, focused individuals (e.g., engineers, fighter pilots, scientists). Tiny writing can sometimes confuse the analysis based on the slant. There are traits that will offset other traits and diminish their meaning, even though those analyses are still accurate.

Ambivert: Middle of the road. Not an introvert or extrovert. This person relates to both left and right slants. They will tend to make more conservative decisions.


Flash Cards for Fast and Accurate Analysis

If you want to own a Grapho-Deck Handwriting flash cards to keep with you and help memorize the first 50 primary traits, you can order one online or print them off of your computer as part of the 101 course (the next level)

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